School Programs

As an organization with an unwavering dedication to bettering our communities and providing a brighter future for our children, IDCC facilitates various programs that are committed to helping children succeed at home, at school, and in life. IDCC offers school-based mental health services for children, adolescents and families throughout Brooklyn. Services are available in grades K-12, for children who may have emotional and/or behavioral challenges.

In-School Clinics

The New York State Office of Mental Health has licensed Interborough to provide therapy in schools throughout Brooklyn. In institutions that have In-School Clinics, the therapist provides individual and group therapy, collateral work with parents, crisis intervention and consultation with teachers.


IDCC’s NYC DOE PIP received laudatory responses from area schools and organizations. Highly trained professionals facilitate numerous types of services including Individual and group counseling, Parent, teacher and student workshops, Crisis management and de-escalation, and Case management. These programs provide a platform for parents, students and teachers to work hand-in-hand with mental health professionals, providing necessary resources for successful mental and emotional health treatment.

School Response Teams

School Response Teams are one of Interborough’s prominent programs in schools. Schools are supplied a mental health professional team which consists of a supervisor, a social worker and a family advocate. Each team provides assessments on referred students, referrals to community based agencies, and crisis intervention. Additionally, team members are trained to assist with social services such as housing, medical insurance and immigration issues.  The goal of the program is to reduce referrals to hospitals and provide services to student and their families in their community.


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