Our children are our future

In today’s fast-paced world, the mental health of our children is often overlooked. Interborough believes every child deserves to live a life free from anxiety, stress, and emotional burdens.


Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to understanding and nurturing your child’s mental well-being. By providing specialized counseling, therapeutic activities, and support sessions, we aim to empower young minds to overcome challenges and flourish. Because when your child thrives, your family thrives too.

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Children are not just “small adults”. Growing up can be difficult, both physically and emotionally, especially when facing issues such as bullying, ADHD, or constant stress and anxiety about school, friendships or other common social situations.
IDCC’s staff of clinicians are experienced in working with children and their specific needs related to their emotional and mental health. We look at the total picture of each child, including their interactions at home and at school, while also looking to gain a better picture of the social determinants of health and how that may be affecting a child’s mental health.
We work together with both the child and the parent or guardian to provide the guidance and help needed to direct each child back to the path of growth and the bright future he or she deserves.



Anxiety in children

Is your child battling anxiety? Discover how our specialized therapy can change their world. Click to start a journey to wellness.

Depression in children

Seeing signs of depression in your child? Let’s empower them with hope and healing. Click to learn how we can make a difference together.


Struggling with ADHD’s challenges? Our expert therapy can unlock your child’s full potential. Click to explore a path to focus and success.

OCD in children

Is OCD overwhelming your child’s life? Discover our nurturing approach to regain joy and control. Click to see how we can help together.


Challenged by your child’s defiance? Our targeted therapy transforms conflict into cooperation. Click to start a journey to harmony.

PTSD / Trauma in children

Is trauma shaping your child’s world? Our compassionate therapy can help heal and restore peace. Click to learn about their path to recovery.

Bipolar Disorder In Children

Navigating Bipolar Disorder in your child? Our expert care brings balance and brightness back into their life. Click for a hopeful beginning.

School Refusal

Struggling with your child’s school refusal? Our approach transforms fear into confidence. Click to unlock a love for learning together.

Bereavement in children

Is your child grieving a loss? We offer a tender path to healing and understanding. Click to see how we can navigate this journey together.


Facing challenges with your child’s mood swings? Our specialized therapy can bring calm and stability.

Empowering Your Mental Health Journey

We offer specialized Mental Health Services for Adults. Our experienced team provides personalized care to help you navigate life’s challenges and achieve a balanced, fulfilling life.