Home and Community Based Services

Home and Community Based Services

IDCC has been helping individuals with behavioral, mental, or emotional health issues for more than 20 years. Our highly skilled and experienced clinicians have expertise in delivering care to those in recovery and provide support at every step of the journey. Clinicians can also provide Home and Community Based Services (HCBS), which help individuals with severe mental illness achieve life goals such as employment, school, or other areas of their life.

HCBS offers the following program

FAMILY SUPPORT AND TRAINING: Includes education about treatment regiments,recovery concepts and support options, and medication geared to helping the participant to safely remain at home and in the community. The family will also benefit with this service by enhancing their skills when helping the participant.

HABILITATION: Is designed to assist participants in acquiring, retaining and improving skills such as communication, self-help, domestic, health care, self-care, socialization,motor skills, mobility, personal adjustments, relationship development and use of community sources. This service will help participants to develop skills necessary for community living and as applicable, to continue the process of recovery.

EMPOWERMENT SERVICES – PEER SUPPORT: Includes, non-clinical, interim home visits after hospitalization, advocacy, outreach and engagement and companionship. A peer will assist and help the participant select and utilize self-directed recovery tools with the goal helping participants recognize a sense of passion, purpose and meaning in life and connect to interests in the community that enhance the quality and security of life.

PHSYCHOSOCIAL REABILITATION (PSR): Is based on the philosophy that people with disabilities need opportunities to identify and choose his/her desired roles in the community.It focuses on four main areas of recovery: basic living skills development, psychosocial skills training, therapeutic socialization, and supported employment.

COMMUNITY PSYCHIARIC SUPPORT AND TREATMENT (CPST): Includes time-limited goal-directed supports and solution-focused interventions intended to achieve identified person-centered goals or objectives as set forth in the individual’s plan of care and CPST individual service plan. Under CPST, activities are designed to help individuals with serious mental illness to achieve stability and functional improvement in the following areas: daily living, finances, housing, education, employment, personal recovery and/or resilience, family and interpersonal relationships and community integration. CPST is designed to provide mobile treatment and rehabilitation services to individuals who have difficulty engaging in site- based programs and can benefit from off-site rehabilitation.

To qualify for Home and Community Based Services applicants must have Medicaid or Medicaid Managed Care (HMO) and one or more of the following:

    • Two or more chronic medical conditions
    • Serious Mental Illness diagnosis – Major depression, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, or Schizoaffective
    • HIV/AIDS

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