Does your child have difficulty communicating with family or friends?

Do you wish the services to help your child could be facilitated in the privacy of your own home?

Children and Family Treatment and Support Services (CFTSS) is a state certified program that was created to help children under age 21 develop and sustain critical skills in relationship building, organization, and improving self-esteem. Designed with children and parents in mind, CFTSS services can be facilitated at-home, an IDCC facility, or any location that is convenient for you. IDCC’s experienced service providers will develop a treatment plan together with you that is focused on your child’s unique needs.
CFTSS services are available with NYS Children’s Medicaid or a Medicaid Managed Care Plan. There is no cost to you for these services, and you choose where services are provided.

The CFTSS program helps children learn critical life skills which can include:

  • Improving communication and relationships with family and friends.
  • Developing self-care and coping skills to manage emotions.
  • Learning to incorporate your child’s goals into everyday life.

IDCC provides the following CFTSS services:

  • Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR)
  • Community Psychiatric Supports Treatment (CPST) services

Who can receive these services?

Children and Youth (under age 21) who are covered by Medicaid and have mental health and/or substance use needs can get Children and Family Treatment and Support Services at no additional cost. All services are covered by Medicaid orMedicaid Managed Care plans.

The application process

If you are interested in these services for your child please call IDCC at 929-273-7601 ext: 432 to arrange an assessment.


A licensed practitioner will come to the location of your choice to conduct an assessment.


We will then review your child’s assessment to determine which services will best meet your child’s needs.


Once the proper services have been finalized you can choose where they are provided.


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